Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have found that chickens like to group up for companionship and protection. The Evil Twins, Fick n Frack are separated only when one is laying an egg. The three Orps are always moving around as a unit and Little Bit sticks close to Rooster Stew all day. Ginger walks alone but that serves to delineate her as the top dog.
About the only thing I see where it's Every Man For Himself with chickens is when one of them finds a tasty morsel, like a bug or a slug. Then all pandemonium breaks out and they all behave like ice hockey players. Body slams, fakes and dodges. There will be NO REST until the food is down a hatch and until that moment, nothing is beyond the rules of engagement.

I have been working on another experiment...... this has to do with the laying of eggs and box assignments. You may have read where out of the three available, only one will suffice for the 3 laying chickens. There are 2 artificial eggs in there as well. One brown and one white. They only lay in the far left box with the brown egg. SO I cleaned the straw out and switched the two fake eggs. Now the brown one is in the middle box and the white fake egg is in the box where they lay.

Guess where they lay eggs?

Next week I will switch it up again and see what we learn.

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Rachel said...

Tell us tell us!! Where do they lay eggs?!