Monday, March 15, 2010

Martha Calls Them HHHHHerbs

There WAS a landscaping outside the backside door that HAD in it 2 enormous sago palms, perhaps the only hated plant on Earth. I don't get this one at all. There is NO redeeming factor in a Sago. None I can find in any case. They take up valuable real estate and give NOTHING in return except an attitude of entitlement. You can't even pet one like you can a cat, that other of God's creatures which could fall under the same category of As of E. There is also one very tall Crape Myrtle which I love and a slew of agapanthas which got freezer burn during the dreadful week of bitter cold but they are now reappearing abundantly. (there were also blackberry brambles but they've been taken out)

And there were 2 Sagos and they are gone thanks to John and his trusty tractor. I had envisioned an herbal garden in this area since last year but there wasn't time to address desire then and really, hard work like digging out rootballls is best left to cooler days of winter. We found as well an above ground sprinkling system in working condition and low-voltage lighting wires that did nought so John took them away.

I have been attempting to grow some herbs from seed (dill, Thai basil) and have been collecting herbs from various sources as the weeks went by and with my aunt and cousin from Houston here to give advice (and thank GOD they were as I had something that would have taken over the whole bed by the end of the summer!) here, these have been strategically planted in this new herb garden, so close to the kitchen that there is no way I will not be harvesting for culinary creations in the coming months.

I find strange that my thoughts of "Before and After" photos always crop after somewhere around After. Very strange habit there.

So, here's the "After"

I can't wait til I take another After to show how they grow!

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