Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back By Popular DEMAND!

Okay so I've had a few days off from posting and am back with this!

We have been acclimating the biddies to the older chickens. By older, I mean, only several months older. Not exactly OLD........ but the older ones are also LARGER and more fierce so the little girls tend to stay together as much as possible and respond to our voices very well. They like to be picked up (eventually. At first, they give a small squawk and then settle down for a cuddle and a coo)(yes, I coo to the little girls)(call me crazy).

And they are SO cute, I can't stand it! You don't know adorable until you have bonded with something that looks like a dinosaur with feathers.

I spend lots of time these days out in the garden and tend the veggies growing out back, We have corn and beans up (my shout out these days: "We won't starve this summer!") and the tomatoes we transplanted last week are looking very hopeful. I had my doubts because of those dicey days of mold on the pots. And I have more to come, or go as the case may be. The potatoes are coming up as well. We have 1 (short) row of Blue potatoes, 2 of Yukon Golds and 4 Redskins and they are starting to crown.

But the BIG news is the Guavas arrived (yippie!) and they are HUGE trees! Man alive, I had no idea! and I have to find just the right spots for them. I think I know where two will go. They want protection for the worst of the southern heat. (think: afternoon shade) and The Arbor Foundation sent the 10 trees as well, so I have them potted in large containers. Now again, I have 10 (11 actually. They threw in a BONUS crape myrtle) but no ID tags so I have to wait til they leaf out to identify them all.) And they are really just tiny little seedlings. If they survive, I am either a Master Gardener or that will tell me every plant is eager to live and I have been murdering all others this whole time through noting more than willful neglect. sigh

What's funny is the "evil twins", as John likes to refer to them. Those rascals fly the fence and high-step over to the nearest pile of mulch and just start wailing away with those clawfeet. And John gets furious!."You miserable chickens! I JUST recovered all that!!!! Get AWAY! Go over THERE!" like they speak English! or ...... something.

It's almost 9pm and I am still awake. I surely must get all sorts of merit marks for this...


Kathryn said...

They're so BIG! Those little girls make you two look good.

Rachel said...

Is there some sort of sound the evil twins don't like that you could somehow incorporate into the mulch around the fruit trees? Maybe if you put something crunchy sounding or some bells or something. Barbed wire?