Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today's Episode Brought To You By Stu

the CROWING rooster! I have been taking photos of the strutting dude of the run for the past week because I know it is now only a matter of time and a large net before he flies the coop, so to speak. In truth, he has never tried to jump the fence or bolt past the gate. He is a good guy in every respect so why is he so-to-be history, you ask?
Well I ask myself this daily and the reason is: soon, very soon, his roosterness is going to reveal itself and he will be a large aggressive bird complete with weaponry. Think: Ninja-roo. Think: Wolverine.
I was working in the garden yesterday when he gave his first shout-out and let me tell you, the bird has quite a voice in him. Loud and clear, and complete. I do believe it was his first crow and it stunned me! I started to laugh and crowed back at him, in a question. HE ANSWERED!!!! and Kathryn came running out of the house, She could hear him all the back in the kitchen!

He SHOULD be proud. He should strut his stuff. HE IS AWESOME. I love this bird and am going to really miss him terribly. I hope wherever he ends up, I will be able to visit now and then and check his progress.

I worry now that Little Bit is going to be severely depressed when her body guard is gone. I hope the introduction of the three littler girls will give her a new meaning to life. Ginger protected her from Frick n Frack when she was smaller (than she is today) and I hope she returns the favor to the Buff Orps.

Speaking of which, did you know you can perform tricks with chicks? How about this one:

If you turn a chicken up-side down, well ok, on it's back, it goes docile. And then you can rub the little belly. Pretty cute. The feet are SO warm when they hunker down on your fist. Warm and rubbery.

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