Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Sewing For Now

because the sewing machine is kind of loud..... I need to find a pair of mufflers....

And it may be getting boring to read only about chickens, but did I tell you about the cute thing that happened yesterday evening? How cute is this? I wish I had video of the event:

After I got back from the doctor's appt (healing going well. auditory testing in 5 weeks) I got home and let the little ones out into the runs. I don't like leaving them for longer than a half hour unattended. Kids! They get into so much mischief!

I was bouncing between the garden, the run and the house, doing work here and there and I finally stopped by the coop to check on them. Two of the little guys (girls) were in one run with one hen, binking around and the other one was alone with the rest of the bigger birds and clearly having issues with the nearness of them (they can be intimidating). She was dashing back and forth along the fenceline trying to find an escape route. Cheeping frantically.

She saw me open the gate and move inside and she took off at a dead run straight at me, flew up my leg and grabbed onto my jacket screaming bloody murder as she made her way to the top of my shoulders and jumped on my head! There she settled down and scolded me!

I AM mother!

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