Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That's MY Boy!

So this is what we, no..... I, have been waiting for these past many weeks. Definitive proof of roosterness before we put him out to pasture, so to speak.

I have been looking for a home to send Stu to, one in which I may have visitation rights, and not somewhere that intends to eat him. He is so handsome and winsome, he deserves to live longer than 6 short months.
As is happens, I know someone who knows someone who has quite a large grouping of fowl, including peacocks and a chicken flock and I keep fingers crossed that Stu may find a place in one of the crowds. I believe he would fit in nicely with either.

My aunt and cousin were here for the weekend and unfortunately did not get to hear him, so R, E, this one's for you!

Here is a good shot of R with her quilt. I love the way this one turned out. It is lively!

She is working on the binding now and will no doubt be finished before tonight. They got stuck in traffic on the return yesterday somewhere near Beaumont due to 18 wheeler accidents. They had a long long loooooonnggg wait til it got cleared. This is the biggest issue with travel on the interstates; no controlling those rigs. They BEHAVE as though they own the road, instead of SHARING it with the rest of us.
Now, having said that, I should also stress the inconsiderate DRIVERS who insist on staying in the left lane, clogging up the roads because they believe THEY own whatever space they WISH to occupy. Together, this makes one awful brew of anger and control issue conflicts.

They should all have timeout in a corner and think about it!

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