Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coming Up Going Under (and not in Australia)

I have scheduled the ear surgery for next Wednesday. Soon I will know definitively whether or not my hearing loss is due to age or disease. yippee.

I had the pre-op appointment yesterday. The only real worry at this point, besides absolute knowledge, is anesthesia. That and the trachea tube. When one reads the list of possible complications, like broken teeth, one pauses and ponders...."is this a good idea?" I have been under once before but have no memory of the tube down the throat part so I rather doubt that occurred back then but it's gonna happen Wednesday. yea me! Thank God they put it in and take it out AFTER the gas takes effect.

So why am I doing this? Because not hearing is more unbearable than not knowing the future. I can't hear you. I CAN hear certain things but not murmurs and not the wind unless it is howling. I never realized how softly we speak in America until I found myself begging people to repeat themselves. Endlessly. That and please turn down background noise. It creates such a din with this added bonus of ringing and pinging in the ear. So much fun!

But enough about me.

We had a house full of people this past weekend with some notable exceptions and they were sorely missed. That DID leave more beer and shrimp for ME but.... I did miss having them with us as we tripped down the wormhole of reminiscing. And we played this fun Viking game called Kubb which the girls gave us for Christmas.
That's Cheri tossing a Pin at the guards... the idea is each team of 2 stands on either side of the field with 5 guards lined up and the King block in the middle. Once your team has knocked over the guards on the other side, you take dead aim on the King and it is NOT as easy as you might think.
Especially not easy when Q thinks she is part of the game and comes barreling in to "help". She's hiding now at the edge of the blueberry bush nursing hurt feelings because she kept getting yelled at.

Here is a wide shot that shows how far away the guards stand in the field.

I had to add this last one because you'd think Vickie was aiming for me. HAhahahahah.... hey! Wait a minute!

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