Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Example vs Terrible Warning

I tend to accumulate clutter. Don't we all? But you want to know when it's bad?

When you have 420 photographs on your camera chip and want to drop a few pictures on your blog. It takes me 25 minutes to weed thru the entire lot every time I take shots of the garden and DL the ones I want to the computer. I KNOW I really MUST stop this madness and download them all, delete the files from the camera and cull my way thru the ones on the computer.

I was tempted to just buy a new cheap camera in an effort to bypass this necessity but that would only mean that I have yet another camera taking up valuable real estate in a drawer or closet which is, again, more clutter.

(I have 538 message in my email Inbox. I'm not bragging here! This is more of the clutter of which I speak.) (You should see the fabric room)(maybe not)

Clutter clutter clutter. "Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions" and ain't THAT the truth. Even the WORD clutter takes up space!

I have so much to do, I can hardly think of it and yet... I must stop spinning out of control and take the camera in hand to DEclutter the beast.

I am doing this because the insurance adjuster is here and I just heard that the wood floors may have to be entirely replaced and I am trying not to swoon.

I find I have this overwhelming need to control something that is "out of control": ah yes the camera. I didn't think the battery would hold out long enough to download and remove all the photos and movies I have stowed away on that massive data chip. But it did!

And now it is empty save for the photo I just took of John eating the first plum from our tree. (happiness!)

And I am going thru all the photos, one by one and either placing them in the appropriate folder on the C drive or tossing it out in the Bin. Really.

Control what you can and try to stay in control. It's the second half that is my constant downfall.

Now, about that INBOX.......

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