Monday, June 21, 2010

I Love My Girls

No 1 had her 25th birthday today and we ate lunch a Little Tokyo, a family favorite.
No 2 had to return to campus early this morning and just walked back in the door. As I couldn't help but notice she seemed miffed, I asked if she was okay.

"I'm annoyed you went to Little Tokyo WITHOUT me."

I explained WE had been there recently without No 1 and as it IS HER BIRTHDAY.....

"While I was being studious!"

"Okay, get out of school and we can..."

She cut me off with this: "FINE! When I get out of school you can take me over that Big Blue Wet Thing and we'll go look in the British Museums at all the things I have been studying about in books for the past few years!"

HAHAHHAAH Big Blue Wet Thing.

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