Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mango Chutney

Because I just don't have enough to do, right? I must be some kind of a nut!*

We stopped off at the grocery yesterday and saw they had crates of mangos on sale, 10 for $3.99 and where I live, that is one heck of a good price. I love mangos but I relish (Bah!) chutney. I made Butter Chicken last week and opened my jar of store-bought Major Grey's only to discover it had that slightly moldy scent to it so boo...... out that went and I ate curry straight. (now that I think about it, I should've opened a jar of pepper jelly.. dern)

How coincidental to stumble across another (yet another!) canning project. It's really too bad I didn't look far enough into the future and grab some gingerroot at the time I hefted the box to the checkout counter. It was right there! Now it's 4 miles away and I have to make a return trip to the store before I proceed. I intend to try Alton Brown's recipe because it sounds delish and I like his show.

I intended to pickle more jalapenos yesterday but two things transpired that threw me off my rails. First, I forgot about our annual Home Owner's meeting and we raced over (late) and got there right when the juicy stuff was being discussed. I won't bore you the details because it isn't interesting to anyone except those who live here. The skies have been threatening for days here and we have had quite a few good drenchings for two days. We had planned to go pick berries and had to postpone that for a time. Then I remembered we needed to go pick up some plants to plant sit for their owners til they can retrieve them in the future and that took an hour.

So even though I did process a goodly amount of vegetables, my dance card is going to be fuller today than I anticipated.

* My next-door neighbor at the old place use to use this word a lot. Let me first say her stories about people she has known or met or had interactions with are hilarious to say the least and we used to sit on our porches for HOURS talking. Without fail, anytime she used this particular word it was in reference to some individual who went well beyond rationality or simple human common sense or sheer insanity. She said it, in her delightful New Orleanian accent, in such a manner as to mean everything it could possibly imply. "....... I mean, he was a nut!" And I'd fall over laughing. Her use of it was like it's own punctuation mark.

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