Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Who's A** to Kick?

I have purposefully stayed away from mentioning the BP Oil Spilling. No one paying attention needs more opinions.

HOWEVER!!!!!! This morning I read several pages in reference to booms stored in a warehouse in Maine that has been REPEATEDLY offered to help contain some of the devastating spread.

Govenor Bobby Jindal has repeatedly asked for millions of feet of boom. For assistance from the Federal Government. For them to just get out of the way and ALLOW a STATE to do it's job and has been repeatedly ignored or rebuffed by this Administration.

President Barack Obama has chastised "Big Oil" and BP specifically, has had talks and talks while saying he doesn't want to talk; rather he wants to see some action. He has demanded that BP be charged and fined and excoriated for this while saying he isn't going to rest until the job is done. He might take a few vacation days or planned State dinners and nights at the opera and rounds of golf but he isn't going to rest!

The Gov. of Maine and both Senators and the owner of the company have ALL reached out to make this available and so far, NOTHING from the White House, which we all know is spending every waking hour wringing their hands trying to stop the spill and contain the mess.

He gives billions of dollars to every bank, lobby, politician and country he thinks is worthy but nothing to purchase boom that HIS COUNTRYMEN have been begging for while it sits languishing in a warehouse in Maine and the Gulf of Mexico is turning into a sea of sludge. The fishermen losing their jobs and soon their lives. The oil field workers will be left jobless. The boat companies will go under. The entire industry is being compromised and to say the least, the sealife and birds dying. Heck of a job, Barry!

But he won't state that this oil spill is a disaster and offer anything beyond photo-ops and words.

And he wants to know who's a** he needs to kick.

May I suggest: Your own would make a great start.

And oh by the way, May I ask where is the Sierra Club and WWF? Where are all the outraged environmentalists HOWLING for the head of the President!!!!!! Oh right.... they wouldn't want to waste their gas on this one.

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