Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to the Applique

After taking quite some time off, I am back at the applique and was surprised to find I had made this many of the Jacobean applique last year:

The photograph doesn't show the true deep purple of the background, but you can tell how vibrant the other colors against it. It glows.

When I was at the shop last week, two of the fellow Sharp Needles came in and showed me this new applique BOM, Funky Chickens from Fat Cat Patterns, with the most whimsical chickens I've ever seen.


This is January

So, being the grabby stitcher that I am, I immediately pulled some fabrics off the shelf at the shop and paired them with what I have in the stash of leftovers and have begun making this BOM as well as the Farmer's Wife and 4th of July by Judy Niemeyer.

All this is ok because while the word 'bored' doesn't ever apply in the world of quilt-making, for me it is fun to take a little time off from each project in order to see it again later with fresh eyes.

Well, I am pleased and pained to report that yesterday I plogged the entire 11.5 scheduled miles. Pleased that even though I was fairly exhausted at 9.75, I continued to the bitter end and only had to take the shoes off for a quick massage. Pained in that although the feet made it through this time, the calves were whining and the knees weren't happy either. I hobbled into the house after walking around another 2 miles out with the chickens just to make sure I didn't cramp up.

I will definitely walk another few miles outdoors today as well. I am worried that tomorrow it's going to be bad. With me it usually follows that the real pain occurs two days after the exertion.

I have managed to weigh one pound less this week than the last 400 weeks. I wonder if this is because I have cut back on all the coffee. It isn't the coffee; it's the half and half. So if I am drinking only half the half and half I used to, it follows that I have taken in fewer calories that are normally consumed every week. Nothing less has changed. I look the same. One pound doesn't register to the eye. Oh well. whatreyagonnado?

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