Monday, January 30, 2012

Hee Hee Hee

January. I made my mind up that I was responsible for making this the BEST year of my life. All the really good ones have had active participation so here I go. Fully and completely involved from the start!

This is a very daunting challenge, in and of itself! How in the world can I top other fabulous years from the past?
Let's Review!

1982: I married John. This is the 30th anniversary. amazing...... So much happened that year. We married and moved 4 times in one year. By Christmas, we were together in Dubai.

1984: I visited New Zealand and discovered I was pregnant. I stood on a glacier. I saw walruses. in the wild. C'mn!!! How many of you can say that!!! We lived in Brunei on Borneo

1985: I had my first child. Without meds. In a jungle hospital with midwives. In September I flew alone back to America and proved that adults were worse than infants when it came to traveling on an aircraft. Rachel said not one peep. Meanwhile the man behind us never stopped
complaining. 8 hours. I do not exaggerate for effect. Non-stop moaning.

1988: I had my last child. We lived in Bombay and I flew to Houston for the birth. Both my mother and my mother-in-law were in the delivery room with me!!!!! Thank GOD for that! It was awful and they were wonderful. I don't deserve them. (But they are stuck with me for eternity) and 6 weeks later my in-laws helped me fly back to Bombay! By the end of the year, we lived in Singapore.

1992: We moved to Alaska. Let that sink in. ALASKA! We lived there almost 5 years and leaving it in 1996 was heart-wrenching. It was the place I lived the longest in my entire life. Until now, of course.

2003: We toured Europe. 5 weeks and we lived to tell. 5 weeks in 5 foreign countries with 3 separate currencies and the hottest temperatures on record. It was nothing short of amazing. Wonderful people. Wonderful friends and wonderful family. It took months of planning and organizing and crossing all the t's, etc. I took nothing to chance getting there. Once we were there, we took it all one day at a time. I will never forget it. Fabulous.

2009: Kids are grown and gone. We moved to a farm. We adopted chickens. We built a garden to eat from. We left the rat-race. Well, okay, we moved away from it but it's still there if we choose to engage.

To the present. Now, up to Sept. 2011 I was cruising and having a blast in general, but to be truthful, I have been slacking. There is SO much I want to do! Or should I say, accomplish! So, now when things come across my vision, I ask myself "Shall I do it!?"

So far this year, I have:

Run 70 miles.
Seen Gordon Lightfoot in concert for the third time
Seen Spamalot
Sewn 2 quilts
Quilted 4 quilt-tops
Won this!

At the end of February, I shall post the tally of things done/accomplished.... by the year's end, I hope I will look back in awe and wonder.

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