Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do the Funky Chicken!

Okay, here is the first month of the Funky Chicken BOM. So silly and whimsical.

And now I have excavated these to UFOs.

IS this on it's side? Or right-side up? Hard to tell.

A little washed out in the photo. The batiks glow

I had made, oh some 10 + yrs ago, a couple of mariner's compass wall-hangings and one huge quilt. These were the left-overs. Too much to throw away and not enough to make a lap quilt. What to do? I started by making blocks like a string quilt (although I didn't know back then that these are string quilts) and then just let the composition take it's own course.

THe one on top is very loose and reminds me somewhat of a Rothko painting. Blocks floating inside blocks and thin lines breaking the surface.

The bottom one, Angles, is much more controlled. Very balanced and 'equal', with the contradictory blocks making a break-away for the eyes.

Now I am back at the indecision as to where to go with them. I want to complete both or either.

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