Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Well. It's Been Quite a Day

It started off with a passel of puppies.

8 black standard Poodle puppies to be exact. The mother of St. Tammany's Greatest Techie (AKA UberGeek) has a Poodle which just became a mama-dog to the sweetest litter on the planet. 8 squirming sausages all eager to latch on and grow except the runt, which has her work cut out for her as the others are so much larger and aggressive & basically hog all the available faucets.

She was warm in her own box but didn't stand even a fighting chance against the others, until the Vet said to take the others away totally and let her have as much as she could take in. I really hope she makes it. Mena, the mama, is the perfect mother. She dropped 6 of the puppies alone and took total care of them and then popped out two more. She doesn't make a fuss when we people interfere with nature. She is so good-natured about the whole process and this is her first time.

When I was a first-time mama, I was snarling at everyone. And I only had one!

I got home in the afternoon after stopping by the quilt shop to get some binding fabric. YOU KNOW WHAT MEANS!!!!

I finished the sample of the Pick-Up Sticks from Kathy Brown's Strip Smart Quilts Book and will sew on the binding tomorrow so I have it for the shop on Thursday. We have a Demo Day on Saturday with Kathy Brown showing her new Fat Quarter Cutter ruler and I was really hoping I would get in done in time.
And Kat came home for Spaghetti dinner with a sauce made from the garden. (summer garden, that is) Tomoz she is going to help me clean out 2 closets..... a Christmas gift!!! yippee!!!!!

I ran 4 miles yesterday and am gearing up for 11.5 next Sunday - Monday. Since I got off schedule over the holidays (c'mon... tell the truth.... would YOU run on Christmas Day and New Years day?) I am still working towards getting back on the Sunday long day runs....

This means I should be training Tuesday and Thursday and long runs on Sunday but I work on Thursday which make the schedule awkward.... so I go Tuesday Friday and (usually) Long Run Sunday. 11.5 miles..... man.... that sounds so far. And now I don't, won't have Rachel with me. Just the Ipod.


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