Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Keeping With The Resolution

.. to get my closet filled with awaiting tops to get quilted, I have pinned the Six Halves Makes a Whole Quilt top on the machine and have finished 2 out of 9 rows. This is slow going but I am in no rush. (As long as I have it off the frame in 7 days!)

Linda Kay and I taught this as a class last year and each made a sample using different fabric schemes. I went, naturally, with batiks.

This is going to be heavily quilted with feathers and spikes. All the colored pieces will have simple wavy inlines and I'll let the heavy stuff show on the large expanses of background neutrals so they don't pop off so obviously.

We started off the day weeding in the raised beds. I have this sneaky suspicion that Spring is coming very early this year and I don't want to get caught with beds of healthy weeds! We received our seed order form Parks today and I am eager to get the seedlings started. Not yet! Not yet! I know.

John pruned all the peach trees and gave them a spray. We are planning on planting 4 avocado trees shortly as well now that we have found a good reliable source of them, cold hardy varieties for our location.

Last week I started to cut back severely on carbohydrates to see if that diet could help knock off some of this unshifting poundage I am carting around. The first two days were a snap but day 3 was weird.... I felt light-headed & ravenous and yesterday was strange, too. I've been eating eggs, cheese, meat, butter like crazy, etc but no substantial starch at all and at this moment I would gladly drink 4 oz of orange juice except for the fact that I have come so far and don't want to mess it up.

We ran 5K again today and I felt fine. I have not been hungry today since I ate 3 thick slices of bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese. It's nearly 5 o'clock and I am thrilled to learn that carrots and rutabagas are low carb roots. Thrilled because the garden is teeming with these veg and I want to eat them! That and kale.

Have I lost any weight? well... maybe two pounds. That is still in the range of daily fluctuations so I'm going with .... let's give it 2 weeks before I make any claims to success.

Now, why am I doing this? Because I don't want to haul any unnecessary weight around a 13.1 mile track!

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