Friday, January 6, 2012

Kathy Brown Is Coming to Town

I bought her book, Strip-Smart Quilts and the bizarre ruler I think back in August..... don't remember exactly and have been diligently clearing the decks to make time for one of the quilts in it. Pick Up Sticks is her version

And I am making it with Thimbleberries in autumn colors. I know, it's closing in on Spring but I am still sticking to my resolution of whittling the stash down to a more manageable size. It is so large, I still cannot see much difference.

(I can say the same thing about plogging and my thighs... but let's not go there, shall we? At least for this morning, I shall be foward-looking and completely optimistic.)

Anyhoo, Kathy Brown is coming to the quilt shop on Saturday, Jan 14 and I want to have this on hand to show her. I doubt I will have it quilted as well, but you never know.

I intend to take down the Christmas trimmings and tree today as well. Give the whole house a good dusting. That and another 5K.

Such a busy bee!

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