Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cutting Edge, my friends..... Cutting Edge

#2 Daughter asked for a Breville Piemaker from Williams-Sonoma for Christmas. She's the one who got me hooked up with the Pioneer Woman (see Hot Links) and has been delving deeper into the glories of good eatin'.

It doesn't hurt that we live "close to the land" and throw all sorts of veg in her general direction and coming from two sides of really excellent grandmotherly cooks, how could she be any other way? Both girls are healthy cook-eaters (think of it as something like singer-songwriters.)

So we got both kids each one (since they live @450 miles apart, sharing seemed out of the question) and they got jiggy with it. And don't think of it as fruit-pie exclusive! The first thing they whipped up was pot pies!

And now, looky here........ NPR has noticed that pie is the haute cuisine d'jour.

Shoot! I knew that back in December.

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