Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ha-CHHOOO-ppy New Year, Ya'll

It's always a good thing to get a cold out of the way early in the year.... so I started yesterday. Scratchy back of the throat. Slept horribly last night and awake with achy joints and neck muscles. Sinus blockage...... yeah, me!

Well, all is not gloomy. As I suffered the throat itch and soothed it with lozenges, I finished the Eleanor Burns Victory quilt-top.

I think it came out very nice...... I will have to stop and think how I will do the quilting part of it.

Today, slowly, I will put on the machine the seasons quilt because I would really like to hang it over the sofa. It is too small to use on a bed and too big to have draped on the back of a sofa. But a pretty good size to hang on this largish wall with nothing on it at the moment.

Oh NO!!!! I just read in the book that this quilt should measure 88" across the top. I might not be able to do the quilting....... hmmmmm...... change of plans?

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