Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well, THAT worked!

Actually, the past post had nothing to do with making feel better. I DO feel better but the cold lingers on. et's just say, "It's not slime.. it's MUCUS!"

and I stay busy working not on the piece you saw below but a new sample for the shop, Six Halves Make A Whole Starburst. All batik and very pretty.

I have also been hanging small finished projects in the sewing room to make me happy. Old friends hanging around and speaking.

I started sewing the binding on the Seasons quilt, using fabric I have in the stash and honestly, it looked wrong. So I frogged it off and will buy a better color choice Tuesday at the shop. You know, I just thought, I have put this much into this piece, why frame it with an awkward binding?

Kat came home sick as well and after doctoring her up with King Ranch Chicken, (thanks Meredith) she perked up. Yesterday we fired up her Breville pie maker and made both pot pies and pecan pies. So cool. Too bad they are out of stock everywhere. I bet they will make a return visit to the William-Sonoma shelves but it might be a while.

Pretty soon, we'll start seriously addressing the planting of seeds for the spring gardens and I already have been collecting the seeds for this. We are still harvesting carrots, beets, brussel sprouts and kale. We ate rutabagas in the pot pies and they are delish.

The leeks I am happy to report are growing despite of the bitter cold nights. I planted 26 and they all remain, so far. The artichokes are a different story, however. I think we have lost the first one totally now unless it makes a come-back when the earth warms up. The other two are hanging in there but don't look as healthy as I hoped they would. Oh well, no ones said this would work but I am going to start RIGHT NOW with growing new ones in the hopes that we might get a few heads.

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