Sunday, January 17, 2010

More For The Quilts

Still sewing on the BOM series for Sharp Needles (which means I haven't touched the Victory Quilt for quite some time now) and I have been playing with that 16 patch arrangement.

These for the "oriental" motif and I really like the pinwheel effect

Seeing these together tells me they will finally placed far apart in the final quilt; they are too similar in design to be neighbors.

Okay, quick playback. This series started last fall with a quilt design made up by Leslie (who's moving soon to the East. Boo) and MY personal goal was to use NO NEW MATERIAL, only scraps from my stash. But as I could not decide whether to make a Christmas theme or a "brights", I said to myself, "Self, why not make two?" So I did but in searching through the stash(es), I found I had other packets (ok ok, I knew I had other packets. Somewhere) and said, "Self, use it up! What are we saving this for if not for this very thing?"

So I have 6 quilts working at the same time and making slight variations on a block if I believe improvement can be made. The ones I have been displaying recently are blocks 3 and 4. 9 to go for each and the center one, No 13, is huge. It's a Rosette and I am going to request that we not wait til the last month as I know I will need larger bits of fabric to complete it alone.

Linda Kay, If ever you read this, heads up!


Rachel said...

are you finding that the ball is helping your back? those veggies are beautiful!

Cats and Quilts said...

well yes... the ball is actually a flat pillow and I do like it. My neck is really hurting today for some reason. I wonder if all this time spent on the computer is why.
Yes the veg are really something. We made borscht last night with it all.