Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh My Aching Back!

I bought the Gypsy Sit Upon at the shop yesterday in great hopes that it will help me work on the ol' stomach muscles... it certainly doesn't hurt that it also alleviates back pain because it forces me to not slump towards the computer or sewing machine. It's an air-filled pillow that makes any shift in position cause another shift in center of gravity so the person sitting on it is in constant movement and rebalance. Pretty cool, really.

I am heroically attempting to get caught up with the BOMS the Sharp Needles began in the fall. I am actually making 6 simutaneously in different color schemes and have the Christmas and Swedish themes done thru the 4th month. Here are the two new sets:

If you compare the two sets you'll notice that the half-square triangles block are arranged differently. I think I like the Flying Dutchman better, but every time I convince myself of this, I change my mind...... they both work. I have four more to go so I will (probably) continue to make both blocks.

I have ripped out seams several times in the construction of the two on the right in order to make perfect points and I appreciate the accuracy all the more.

Linda Kay and I have begun our new series of Beginning Quilting classes and if nag the students to be as accurate as possible, it is only right that follow my own emphasis. True.

Now I have to show this:

Is that not the most whimsical pincushion ever?

Is this not sweetest cat? I think so!

Have a Great Day!

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