Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stay Away From MY Chicken Eggs!!!!

Last week, John introduces the chickens to the veg garden and we have been allowing them to enter and scratch for bugs and whathaveyou. This may be another problem.

A few days ago, i walked out and saw all the straw mulch had been kicked to the walk paths! What a mess. A thorough job of it, as well. They don't mess around when they start to mess around.

So, now when I am out there, messing around myself, I let them in and do their chicken thing. It's putting fertilizer back in to the beds as well. May I call that "side dressing"?

Here you see they found the kale. This could be another problem.... if they only work that bed, it leaves some for us in the other bed behind it. But I have noticed they take that "All your greens are belong to us" attitude.

Since Monday, our little pile of eggs have been steadily growing to 9, count 'em, 9! But I am starting to feel more like a weasel or ferret. Or a RAT! Or a Gouana!!!!! I'm stealing their eggs! Oh they are delicious, too.


Rachel said...

i love how they scratch and waddle backward, peck, scratch and waddle backward, peck scratch and waddle backward.

Cats and Quilts said...

HAAHHAHAHHA I know, they are a hoot to watch. When they do that scratch thing.... they look up, like they aren't terribly concerned with foot placement or technique. Or something. Just scratch. Scratch here, scratch there. It's all good.