Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wicked is the Weather -Up-Dated

and I am braving out in it to purchase, hopefully, tickets to the show in March. Or April.

With great anticipation. However.... the weather has been brutal these past few days and I don't relish the idea of driving across Lake Ponchartrain to get to the Mahilia Jackson Theatre before 9am. This is the time they begin selling tickets to the plebes and with luck the line will be short. Cold yes but short.

What is maddening is they have not posted the price of the tickets anywhere so this may turn out to be a total waste of time and bust. If we wait til they are on sale at Ticketmaster (at noon today), the seats may well be all gone. We are wanting to go for the 2pm matinee. The theatre isn't huge and I suppose any seat will be good (with binoculars) but will they be available at all after this morning is the real question. So I will go. Because, honestly, who can resist this:

"think if it as personality dialysis!"

PS saw the Sherlock Holmes flick...... heeheehee good fun!

Up date: Done and done. Four tickets for April 4. The theatre looks very nice... if the seating is as good as the drawing shows, we should have a good view of the stage. Very thrilling.

The line was very long and the wait seemed forever and it was entirely indoors. I had expected to be standing out in the cold. But here's a most surprising thing: The theatre offered gratis coffee from Cafe du Monde and donuts! to us. How nice was that?

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