Monday, January 25, 2010

Quilt in a Day Goodness

Here's a quick story to tell:
I have been working my thru the book, as you probably know by now, and when marking a template from the supplements in the back of the book, I noticed that I didn't have 6" Fala patterns. Or 6" Bride's Bouquet! Hey, what's up with that? So I popped over to Quilt in a Day website and shot off an email question. (Don't you LOVE LOVE LOVE technology? Back in the day, this might takes weeks by snail mail or a pricey long-distance phone call)

I got a response from one Jeanne S*******. who thru a quick series of emails BaF and one phone call, resolved the problem in just a few hours. The solution? So glad you asked.

The 6" patterns were already printed at the back of the book, just a few pages shy of the cover and of course, it didn't occur to me to thumb around first. Remember what I said about READING instructions thoroughly?

No, neither did I apparently.

Thanks Jeanne!
PS there IS however a correction for page 222 on the website. I figured that much out on my own. Not completely useless.

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