Monday, January 18, 2010

We Have The BEST Little Girls!!!!

and by that I mean chicken girls. The other girls are pretty okay also.... but they don't LAY EGGS!!!!

For a couple of days, when I'd walk around to the coop, I'd find Ginger IN the coop and sitting in the nest boxes..... I didn't think much of it because as the weather was coldish, I figured she was in there, nestled in the straw and keeping warm. Also, I'd look in the boxes every time I opened the door to see if I found an egg. I mean, Come ON..... I'm feeding them. They need to hold up their end of this relationship.
But no egg has been seen since the first few days when we were "gifted" with five eggs. Total.

BTW, don't you just HATE the use of the word "gifted"? When did THIS sneak into our vocabulary as a VERB? You are presented. Not gifted. You are presented a gift. Not gifted a present.

Back on track.... yesterday a friend gave us a dozen free-range eggs because she was "gifted" (HAHAHAHAHAHAH) 2 dozen and she is very generous.... and she knows we are completely surrounded by no eggs. And today, another friend gave me a dozen eggs from her beautiful flock of productive hens! What kind benevolent friends I have!!!

So I get home from the shop this afternoon and scoot the black and whites I spot pecking around the front yard back to the coop and find Ginger is missing. After I stop panicking, I look in the coop and she's staring back at me with one beady eye and I coo at her, "what a good little girl!", thinking that would send her flying out to the run. They usually flee at the sound of my voice. She sits there.

I move closer. She clucks at me as thought to say, "Stand back sister....." I cannot help but see two brown eggs and when I get her shifted around, I spy a third!!!!

So!!! Either she is one very slick, crafty customer and able to HIDE her eggs, or the others have begun to ovulate with her.

Whoo-hoo indeed! Houston, HEY HOUSTON!!! We have eggs.

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