Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh Happy New Year

All clean and unblemished, as of yet.
I rejoice in this new slate on which to write.

Shortly I will put a pot of peas on the stove and prepare for a few friends to cheer on 2010.

I saw my mother- and sister-in-law off at the Louis Armstrong airport yesterday afternoon and although it was a mere 3.5 hour travel, they didn't get back to Corpus Christi until sometime after 11:00pm! And that was after being rerouted to San Antonio and back to Houston for refueling. I can't wait to hear the whole sordid story. I feel awful for BOTH of them. It isn't easy for the anyone these days traveling by air but add to that being over the age of 70 for one and not partial to the whole Let's-cram-ourselves-into-a tight-cylinder-and-hurl-it-into-space for the other and flying then takes on a new version of torture. They could have driven home int he time it took them to "fly." I really don't want to fly EVER again. The thrill is GONE.

2009. I am glad it is over, done with, history. Shut that door and put nails around the frame and cover it with yellow police tape and hazard stickers.

Wonderful things happened for us, it is true. I have my whole family still intact and good friends. I will cling to this and remind myself of it daily. But sheesh, I am so ready to embrace 2010 and make it an awesome year.

Goals, it important to have firm goals:

1. Plant blueberries and grapes. QUICKLY
2. Get those seedlings started within 5 weeks! Spring'll be here before I know it!
3. Get the pruning and spraying schedule up to snuff.
4. Quilt at least 1 quilt-top a month EVERY month until the stack has been dwindled down to half.
5. Begin preps for Christmas in June, regardless how hot it is outside.
6. Get better exercise for both of us, daily.
7. Never buy another bag of white rice. Brown is better.
8. Bake a loaf of bread every other week, if not more often. How hard is that, honestly?
9. Reduce time spent on the computer to 3 hours a day. (seriously)
10. There should be 10 but I am drawing a blank.... I'll leave it for now.

I want to be this totally relaxed when 2011 rolls in:

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