Thursday, December 17, 2009

83rd Airborne

Does it seem that I have nothing to write about lately except chickens? It would appear that way.

So here we have the rejects from Ft. Benning Jump School.

Now I apologize that the film is on it's side. I forgot about that while I filmed the girls and cannot figure out a way to rotate a movie image. Anyone out there want to drop me a line of advice?

Here is the back story on this: There's cabinet in the coop with a space above and after the first night on the roosts, the four big birds decided that they'd prefer to be higher and went on top of the cabinet. But we can't be having that! so yesterday John closed off the space (mostly) with a frame of chicken wire. I write "mostly" because we watched them try repeatedly to get back up there when they went in for the night.

Of course they'd jump up and meet the wire and flap around and come crashing back to Earth because gravity works well in Louisiana and chickens don't fly naturally. They mostly flap their wings hysterically and make an upwards movement for short distances.

John was afraid they'd keep trying until one or all of them did damage. An hour or so later, he wandered back doen to check on them and Ginger was up there. She managed to squeeze around that small opening to the side, the space I had left open to be able to clean. (Clearly that is not going to work)
Now we have to see how she manages to get back down without injury. But back to the movie.

A few days ago, when I let them out, the 4 were up there and the little ones came running out to get to the scratch I had sprinkled near the door. The others were eyeing them, as only a chicken can do, and decided they wanted in on the action. They came, one at a time, flapping down thru the door and I died laughing at the image. I wanted others to see this!


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