Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Have a Love-Hate Relationship

with Walt Disney.

I love animation and art. I can't get enough and no, I never wanted to work for the Disney Art Studio. If I lived anywhere near Orlando, I would have applied to work as one of the grounds-keepers. They are the ones who make the place amazing but I really think instead that the Disneylands and Disneyworlds are a huge waste of resources and belch more garbage into the world than anything the visitors get "out of the experience". So therein lies the rub.... would I want to work somewhere that I think is more of a cause of problems than a help to society?
(I have often wondered why the environmentalists haven't targeted the Disney Enterprise. Honestly, why HAVE they gotten such a pass?)

They really employ ALOT of people (good thing) and they entertain the masses (good thing) but they create the world of illusion and fantasy that people escape into (bad) and such a pile of waste (very bad).

If you have ever been to one of the parks, you know exactly what I mean. People travel for MILES to get to the PARKING LOT and then take a tram to the edge of the park, and boat to the entrance and then finally get in the darned park and then stand in endless lines with air-conditioning or sprayed water to keep you somewhat comfortable and huge tv screens to keep the kids entertained while they stand like cattle in herds, to ride a ride that is using up vast amounts of energy, and then exit the ride into a place that promotes the purchase of themed items made in China that are then shipped back over here to be bought by people who spent a hour or two earning the cash it costs to pay for it, only to drag it home and sell it at a garage sale in a few years time.

But I love the Art of Disney. The history. The beauty of the backgrounds..... which brings me to this post. The New Orleans Museum of Art has an exhibit up thru March 2010 celebrating the animation of Walt Disney is conjunction with the release of the Princess and the Frog, which is set in 1920s-30s New Orleans. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE ART???????

We made yesterday into a Day of Disney which didn't pan out because by the time we got to the movie theatre, it was sold out but we're heading back this morning to watch. We got to the museum not knowing what was inside and I confess, although I am always impressed by the artistry of Disney I am ALWAYS disturbed by the salesmanship and I braced myself for a certain disappointment. I was wrong. Hurray! I was wrong!

The installation spared no expense. The artwork is of the finest order, the quantity was beyond reproach. Yes you pay to enter but you will not be left feeling gypped. You wander thru the exhibit with a audio machine that gives you background on the various displays, hosted by John Goodman who really does have a face and voice MADE for radio.

If you are anything like me, you are mesmerized by the color and texture of the backgrounds of these films and the characters sort of get in the way. I just want to shove them off the screen and wander around the sets! And here you get to do just that! And learn about the men and women who MADE this piece of our childhoods come alive. I LOVE VHS and the fact that I could watch them over and over and over with my kids........ I was never bored. I just lost myself in the art.

Eyvind Earle I can't copy the images and paste them here but if you want to click over, you won't be back for a while. Go enjoy and head over to the NOMA before the show is gone for good. It's not traveling to any other part of the USA. This is your chance and if you are a LA resident, you get in free on Thursdays, I believe. Save an hour's wage.

As for me, I had to leave the exhibit because it ended up at the Princess and the Frog and I didn't want to learn anything more about the story or ANYTHING before I had seen the film.It LOOKS like it's going to be terrific. I had to leave!!! I want to experience the "magic" before I delve into the reality. I'll let you know what I think later (not that it matters)

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