Saturday, December 5, 2009

Houston Got Snow. Folsom Got Snow

We worked like crazy yesterday preparing for the coming snow, making teepees to protect the young citrus trees. By the time we got back from "town" (Mandeville) with the plastic sheeting, it was dark. NO sooner than we placed the last bricks around the base of the final tree, down came the rain.
After this we climbed into the truck and returned to pick up a friend in Madisonville and by this time it was raining sideways. But we got back home safe and sound and just in time for the rain to turn completely to snow. This is what greeted us this morning:

Just a Dusting, Really

This is NOTHING compared to what we saw up in Mt Hermon this morning.

I Wonder How Carrots Like the Chill....

oh yeah........and I got chickens! Whoo-hoo!

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