Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Night Passes

We snuck up to the coop last night to check on the chickens and sure enough, they were roosting on both poles. All but the white one were on the top bunk while she was huddled solo on the bottom rung. They looked pretty cozy and snug. The two little ones were so tight against one another, they looked like one bird.

To answer where the chickens came from, I'll just say these 6 came from a couple who live north of here and have a horse ranch. The horses you see in the past post are but 2 of I think more than 8. Some are Irish Draft horses and that one most prominent in the photo was my favorite, so beautiful with the markings and very curious. Unfortunately, the top fence board was so high right there that I couldn't get a really good shot of it. All I have to show is this

Which doesn't give justice to the beauty of this horse.

Back to the chickens, catching them was a hoot and I didn't even try. I have been trying to touch them in the coop but they are so skittish the best I can do is touch the tail feathers when they are pecking at scratch. As soon as they feel my fingers, they bolt for the other end of the coop. Luckily, it is a small coop so they can't really get too far away. I do hope they settle down enough to not be afraid of me. It's not like I want to be their best friend, or anything, but I would like them to not fear my presence. I bet food is going to be my path to this end.

So I sat on a bale of hay and just talked to them..... and watched the smallest chick dash around and get hammered by the white one.... I suppose I'm going to have to name them. That W.O. is a taskmaster. The small ones really stick together but I get the impression that the larger of the two is like an older cousin, trying to shake the youngest one at a holiday gathering and be left alone for a minute, The little cousin doesn't quite get what the deal is and just starts tailing and yakking. "whaddaya wanna do, whaddaya wanna do!?"

In honor of their arrival to their new home, we had chicken pot pie for dinner.

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