Friday, December 4, 2009


No, not really. We have returned from our Thanksgiving travels to South Texas only to find that 'round these parts, we had cold enough weather to kill the yellow squash, tomato plants and potato plants. Well who saw that coming?

On the positive note, the English peas that were massive in size but empty of flowers and veg are now aglow with the blossoms so that's good news. And all the rest, the "winter" vegetables, are growing beautifully. I see a cauliflower forming and I will pause today long enough to fold the leaves over the budhead. From what I gather, this is how one keeps the crown from bolting as it grows in size.

This means, of course, that fall is firmly over and winter looms; which tells us to pick up the speed and make preparations for the up-coming (possible)(probable) freezes. I read on the innertubes that Houston is expecting (hoping?) for snow today. Last year, right around now, we had so much snow in Mandeville, people were driving over from Mississippi to take a look. It seems the snow just couldn't muster the strength to venture much past the Pearl River.

I have few photos from Thanksgiving to share. South Texas has been particular bereft of rain during this recent drought. You may recall my mentioning my in-laws and their fabulous place down there.

They have a lake that is over 16' in depth and has been almost bone dry for the better part of the past year. Not good. T has taken this opportunity to clear out stuff that became exposed so again, that was a good thing. We take the good with the bad and make the most of it!

Well, the Thursday before Thanksgiving, they had 12" on rain and the lake filled up and over-flowed and has settled down to this:

Which makes all creatures happy! Like these!

Pygmy Goats. This is the female herd.

Here you see T, my BIL and fount of knowledge about bees, beekeeping and bee-avoiding (this is important, don't snicker), introducing David to the "puppies".

Doesn't David look happy?

He blanched when I told him the female would rip his liver out and leave it while the male would just eat his brains. Buddy weighs in at 200 lbs. Cleo is lighter and has amazing paws that make the ripping of livers easier. They are Anatolian shepherds and protect the ranch from anything that moves unless Terry lets them know otherwise. Even the things that fly over the area are menaced by these two.
Seriously. They haven't lost a single goat.

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