Sunday, December 13, 2009

Developments in Areas of Concern

I think I may have to put the chickens on suicide watch.

Today is the first day of better weather in a week and by that, I don't mean it's great or sunny. It's overcast and mild. So I have been passing the hours out in the garden and keeping on eye on the girls as they peck around in the run. And occasionally I see Zee Big WO jump the fence..... right toward two cats on the other side.

I have been successful , so far, in corralling her back in but now the other three big ones are getting the same idea. I have thus far TWICE shushed them from roosting on the fence and merely thinking about going the whole way over but I can't spend all day every day standing guard.

I hereby reconcile myself with the knowledge that chickens may NOT be in my future. Certainly not if this keeps up.

On another note, I say this is a shallot

and this is a scallion

And I know when I bought them, the feed store said I bought SHALLOTS and when I planted them, they LOOKED like mini-shallots. but what I just pulled out of the ground looks exactly like scallions. They are bunched like scallions and my question to anyone reading this is:

Do these green onions eventually turn bulbous on the bottom or do I actually have scallions and ought to harvest them?

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