Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why Not Wyandottes? - UpDated

Anyone reading this drivel who happens to be sound on chicken breeds, please chime in at any time..... so the big deal 'round these parts, aside from all the rain we've been receiving, is trying to determine what breed chicken we have cooped up out there.

We are 99.5% certain the black/whites are Wyandottes, Silver-Laced Wyandottes to be more precise and after reading up on the breed, we are moving in the direction that the red and white ones are also Wyandottes. Now, here is where it will get interesting.

The smallest biddy out there is brown and mottled looking and if she is a Wyandotte, she may end up be the prettiest one of all. The larger biddy looks like snowmelt in Chicago and it's way too soon to know what that one will end up looking like. Presumably much like the Silver-Laceds. And we are still assuming that one is a rooster. No sign of spurs yet, or wattle, He just looks masculine to us.

Up-Date: No the white and the red are definitely NOT Wyandottes:
Our chicken,

From the Internet...... notice they BOTH have a "rose" comb, like a small crown on their heads. This is a characteristic of Wyandottes and our other chickens have that more common straight-up comb. Back to the identification charts.

They have been cooped up for the past two days since all it's been doing outside is rain rain rain. We have collected no more eggs, either and don't know if this due to the stress of the move, new surroundings, less than 12 hours of light or just going into a dormancy. Yes is probably to be checked on all of the above.

That's okay too. We will be running electricity out there when the rain ends and set up a light on a timer. I want to put a radio out there as well to make predators think there are people in there with the chickens.

Okay! So I had my bi-annual doctor's visit and afterwards, his nurse helped identify the chickens!

They are Wyandottes, the black and white ones but Ginger is a Rhode Island Red and Zee Big WO is a White Plymouth Rock. Not so much white at the moment as dingy because she's still roosting up above the cabinet amongst her poop.

We're putting an end to this today by caging off that area with, of all things, chickenwire!!!

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