Friday, December 11, 2009

Holly Jolly Blog Bingo

Right, for all of you quilters out there, pop over to The Quilt Shoppe asap and read about this fun game they will be starting shortly.

I love it when shops do stuff like this..... it keeps me going back to see what's happening and new products that I might otherwise never see.

Shopping in jim-jams is more fun than an Alaskan Mall: back when I lived in Valdez, Alaska, shopping was, oh shall we say, challenging? The town was less than 5000 in pop, and when it came to stores, you had liquor stores, coffee shops, groceries and souvenir shops. I tried each Christmas to do all my shopping locally because I truly believe you should support local as often as possible, even if it's slightly or radically more expensive. If the locals fall to the wayside, you have NO options but mail-order.

But my mailbox, a post office box because we had no local delivery out there, was filled daily with catalogues. So instead of driving over to Anchorage, a 7 hour effort, I would make a pot of tea and kick back with the stack of catalogues and "mall-walk". I called that my Alaskan Mall. The stuff I would buy from a catalogue was L.L. Beanesque or Victoria's Secret. Unless you wanted to be kitted out like gold-miner or lumberjack, clothes-shopping was typically done thru the mail.

The advent of the Innertubes has changed so much. It came to my attention the last year we lived there and back then, when I learned how to log-on, it was all text-based. When I saw images (!) appearing, albeit sssllloooowwwwwwwllly, I thought WOWWEE, what have we here???

And I promptly lost myself in cyberspace.

Don't get me wrong, I loved loved loved living in Valdez and Alaska in general but I seldom ever ventured past Ten-Mile in the 5 years I lived there. Lots of people thought NOTHING of hopping in the car and heading to Anchorage for the day. That just wasn't something I wanted to do unless it was for something special. Like mu older daughter's first Girl Scout Camp. My other daughter and I hung around Anchorage for the three days until camp was over and went to see the Lion King. The whole trip was special because it was a real treat. We used every minute in special ways.

Like car maintenance.

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