Monday, December 7, 2009

Charles Leche Takes Fine Feathered Fotografs

I wrote that a friend was over to witness and record the debut of the chickens and I am sharing now a few shots Charlie took on Sunday.

Zee Big WO

This would be Ginger

These photos came over to me by email and they were HUGE and absolutely crystal clear. If chickens had pores, you could count them.


Anyone who can take images like THIS of CHICKENS (!) fer cryin' out loud, can take awesome photos.

You really should see some of the photos Charlie has taken of New Orleans.


My World & Welcome to It! said...

i love all these photos of your chickens and all that is going on...i so now want chickens too...who said that?? i so blame you if i get myself into this...i so feel it coming in on...LOL what a make it look so great and fun....

i love you...your "sista"


Cats and Quilts said...

THANK YOU!!!!! They are so much fun..... I cannot tell you how crazy fun this is....but if you really thinking about moving to the Dallas area in a few years, you may just have to have them vicariously thru us, NTTAWWT.

I love you too. Have a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!