Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm having issues imbedding a video into these posts. I was hoping to show the catch and release of the hens and will keep on keeping on with the trying but in the meantime, here's some more shots of the goofy little birds.

As you can see they are gorgeous and a little afraid of the new home.

I have been sitting out there on the hay and speaking to them. I sprinkled some corn and they seemed to cheer up with that. Even the two little guys were scrambling for a piece of the action.
As they have only been here a few short hours it's not for certain, but I think I know the top of the "pecking order" already. It's the white hen.....

when the little two get cheeky, she gives them a hard knock with her beck. Who knows if she is truly on top of the others but I know (and more importantly, THEY know) who's minding who between those three!

The two biddies are stuck to each other constantly but they don't look like each other.

You can see the larger of the two next to the white chicken two photos back.... The smallest one is trickier to photograph.
We're going to keep them inside the coop til tomorrow so they roost in their new home and get familiar before we let them see their new playground.

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