Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens!

Wheeeee...... we have chickens!!! At long last and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Let the FUN begin!.

Now, mind you, while the chicken rustlin' was commencing, I stayed firmly behind the camera and laughed at the catchers. Altogether we got 4 adults and 2 biddies. Two are Black and White (maybe Wyandottes) one is buff-colored and a white chicken. The little guys are too little still to know what they. At least, to THIS uneducated person, they are still too young. I suppose an experienced birdman would know what they are looking at. Also, we were warned that the biddies COULD be roosters, too young to know. Okay.... if that is what they turn out to be.... I'll cross that bridge at that time.


Is There Anything Sillier Than Catching Chickens?

How About Stuffing Them Into the Back of a Truck?

With an audience (s)nickering ?

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