Tuesday, July 6, 2010


On a daily basis, I observe how blessed I am.

I live in a beautiful State, on a lovely and fertile land. My health is darned good! I have a terrific family and set of friends.

Even the weather has been nothing short of amazing! Last week, with the first hurricane of the season, we had three days of both cloud-cover (which kept the heat down) and drenching rainfalls (which kept the crops happy and the hoses on the reels, which kept me delirious)

Now this week, it has been surprisingly dry. Hot, ok, but dryish. Not the typical high-humidity of the South.

So, Thank YOU God!

And also for the Garden Tally (sidebar) which continues to grow in length. Yesterday, we canned peach preserves and fig jam. I have a freezer of rhubarb from a very good and generous friend who hauled it back from the Great State o' Maine. I have a recipe for something called Rhubarb Confit which I am off to can.

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