Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Squeezo Tomato Press

has arrived and is in good working order.

In the midst of the house repair chaos, my friend and I cranked out 12 gallon bags of tomatoes and effectively emptied a sizable portion of the chest freezer. Yesterday we continued by canning 2 jars of catsup, 6 jars of sauce and 5 of puree.

There are still bags in the freezer to go but those may be canned into simple stewed tomatoes. Haven't decided yet.

John and I pulled out the tomatillo plants and he worked the bed up for a rest. I need help with the tomas....they gave up some really nice fruit at the beginning but as the month wore on, they turned so pale in color, I didn't trust the quality. That and so many simply did not grow in the fertilized husks; they just dropped of the vines. So any advice would be welcomed.

Today I will clean the house and work on the quilt on the machine and just try to relax my neck muscles... they've been getting a workout.


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