Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Sunflower Shots

I am having a blast watching these giants age. I've never been so close to a sunflower before and had no idea that the ones we buy at the store or find in a bouquet are different simply due to when they are cut. These guys are GIANTS.. They stand well over 10' tall and I swear there are two topping off at 12'.

Here is a shot of three in varying stages of open.

This is a closeup of the bee working on all of potential seeds

And this is what the flower looks like after it has been totally pollinated.

The symmetry is amazing. PLEASE don't tell me there is no GOD.

Now I wonder how to harvest the seeds. Of course I am going to want to!

Here's a lovely video I found on YouTube of bees on a sunflower


Rita said...

I love these pictures. They are so vivid and bold. Definitely inspired to grow some next year! Thanks again for the peppers! I had some on a millet burger sandwich for lunch-delicious!

Chris said...

PLEASE grow sunflowers.... they are amazing to watch. These are called Giants. (for a good reason!)