Friday, July 2, 2010

The Politikin' Chicken or Squabbles in the Run

I worry that we have reached the stage when I may no longer refer to them as "my babies!" The little ones are as big as Ginger now and can I say, getting feisty with the other chickens. As though the hierarchy has begun to shift. and not in the older ones favor....

1. Two of the biddies are starting to lay eggs. Not every day. And I am not certain which of the two are doing this. (But am glad because Ginger has walked out on strike, apparently)(unionized labor, dontcha know?)

2. They don't high-tail it away from Rooster Stu like before. Now they hold their ground and let HIM eat with them. Hmmm.... What CAN this mean?

3. This morning, whilst eating from the palm of my hands, something we do daily I might add, one of the golden girls lit into the other and would not let go of her face! I have never seen anything like it! Here I have one chicken screaming her fool head off and me whacking the other with my hand trying to make her let go.

Finally, we all scuttled back to our corners, breathing heavily and staring at each other, as though in a stand off. I crouched down again as if to hold more scratch and the attack-chicken poked over close enough for me to grab hold of her. By golly, I WILL dominate this bird! Nope, she gave me the slip. So, I called to her as though I had something good to eat and she's stupid enough to believe me. Quick but stupid.

This time, I get a good grip under her wing which she thoughtfully offered as she desperately tried to make an escape. And I forced her to put up with me singing at her, stroking her back and trying to get her to calm down. She did, eventually, but when I released her, she shot me a look that clearly said, "I hate you!"

Teenagers! What're ya gonna do?