Saturday, July 10, 2010

Morning Has Broken

With it comes our first Sunflower head, facing the sun and perfect in every way.

I took several shots trying to capture both it and the misty dawn.
None of these have been cropped or altered in any way. I have just thrown them up on the blog.

Now, here we have figs galore and am I not the luckiest of women to have a friend who shares her bounty? I have 2 trays drying in the machine as I type. That AND a couple of jars in the pantry....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Our first cantaloupe EVER!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
That would be special in it's own right but add this! We went down to the Back 2 the next day to check on the progress of these babies and found 2 of them had been pinched! Who would steal a cantaloupe; Make that TWO!!!!!?

A raccoon. They don't have masks for NOTHIN"!

The peppers keep popping and I am happy about this. I've been drying the cayennes and now the Carmens are getting ripe. I think I shall try canning and freezing. As for the jalapenos, well, never you mind about those!

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