Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Great Balls of Preserves!

Ball's Blue Book of Canning and Preserving was snatched up by moi at Wally's World the other day and therein I found an interesting recipe for rhubarb: Rhubarb Confit.

Kathy returned form up North with 2 gallon bags of the stuff for me and after freezing in one-inch chunks 10 cups of the stuff, I still had 2 lbs leftover.

I must say, the recipe is outstanding and I have 7 jars of it now resting on the counter.

I also knocked out 4 jars of sugarless peach preserves and one of peach butter. That one is leaving the house tomorrow as a gift but I hope to get my grubby grubby paws on another pile o peaches soon.

I was given figs as well by Kathy and have 2 jars of preserves as a result. It's gonna be a sweet winter, to be sure.

HOWEVER, a minor set-back has occurred. John ordered that swift tomato press on Monday, June 28 with 3 day express UPS delivery. It sat in Dallas from noon Thursday over the holiday and arrived yesterday. Great , right?

No. The tray peg does not fit into the slot and is therefore useless. I have spoken to the makers in Vermont and they are sending new parts which may arrive by Friday or perhaps again, not til next week sometime.

Grrrr. The freezer is now totally packed. Not one more morsel will fit inside. The fridge is overflowing with tomatoes and I am off now to deal with that.

And Yessssssssss that means if I want pulp (and I do, obviously), it's back to pressing it thru the sieve. Here I go.

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