Thursday, July 8, 2010

Miracles Everyday

We planted 4 of 6 squashes with the Texas tomato cages as supports and they have worked out beautifully. Growing up rather than outward has kept the fruit from making contact with the earth and all of them have been pest-free.

I went out the other morning to pick a few and found this:

Check out the sheer artistry of the twig weave. Amazing, little birds... I haven't seen what bird it is doing all this industry. Probably a SFBB.

Here's a shot of the garden gate... I might pose a picture by propping a bicycle against the fence to the left.......those tall things are the sunflowers

Here is the progress on the sunflowers, I think I shall call them suntowers. They are WELL over 10' tall now and are beginning to form the flowers. I have to stand on the raised beds and lift my hand over head to take the shot of the flowerheads.

Those are fantastic marigolds..... that is one plant each! From one thin seed! It's a miracle. Every bit as much as that enormous sunflower! one tiny seed! Now right behind the marigolds are the pepper bushes and the Carmens are turning red. I see a good-sounding recipe for canning some in that Blue Book.

I love this shot.... after I replanted the chicken-pruned azaleas, I tossed in zinnas. I had originally thought to plant the azaleas under the layboxes in the front of the coop and bought 3 fences. When I changed my mind, the fences were gone from the store and I was left short. Still, I plunked them in and it makes a cute bed..... the zinnias have taken over the azaleas at the moment but they'll be gone and hopefully the bushes will grow out.

I leave you with this...... It makes me want a dog! Those are dog houses... at Spencer's.


Rachel said...

i would like to live in a house like that. it looks very well constructed, especially in comparison with my crack den.

Cats and Quilts said...

HAHAHAh, oh wait! YOU LIVE IN A CRACK DEN????????????????

move, already!