Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life Is So Strange

I love wooden floors. When we first saw the house we sold in May, I'm going back 14 years now, I saw the floors through the window and cooed, "OOHHHHh wooden floors!"

No I was wrong, sigh; they were those peel n stick vinyl strips made to look like wood. But that was ok.... They eventually wore out around the island in the kitchen area, though.

When we found the house I live in now, there were wooden floors in the library room and here in the sewing room. And so beautiful, all streaky and irregular. I just loved them.

Well the flooding we experienced caused us to rip out the floors in the library and at the moment we under repair/construction. Along with the flooring, we have plumbers tearing into every wall with a pipe and replacing the joins and tees and elbows that are made of brass. So much fun.

And it's a very good thing we are too, because (and here is where I go off on blessings, so bear with me..) they all have degrees of corrosion.

CAN YOU IMAGINE what COULD have happened to the house if the pipe bursting occurred when we were both gone? THINK of the damage...... the problem had been lurking there all along and we never knew it. What a blessing that it happened in the early hours, and the damage was held to a minimum.
Don't get me wrong! I wish it had NEVER happened at all in the first place. I LIKED the carpet and it was so fresh even after 9 years. and the floors. What can I say?

It could have happened during the holidays when we had the guestrooms filled.

It is a blessing that we knew already of this great guy who is installing the new floor. It is a blessing that the plumber is willing to tackle this thankless job and a great blessing that we have the money it is going to take to bring us back to snuff because NO the insurance does not cover the cost of replacing the plumbing.

Quite honestly, I am humming right along, canning the veg and jamming the fruit in the midst of chaos but I am not the one who has to DO the repair. I get to stand back and watch the ones who know HOW to do it, do it.

That has to be the greatest blessing. Thank you, God. It's alright.


Kathryn said...

does this mean the wooden floors in the library are no more?!

Cats and Quilts said...

no Kat, the new floor is down. It is not as yellow and streaky but it is very nice. And it is very done. Which is VERY nice.